Thomas Carlyle (作家)


“Go as far as you can see; when you get there you’ll be able to see farther.”

— Thomas Carlyle, Writer

「走到你能看到最遠之處,當你到那,你將能夠看到更遠。」– 湯瑪斯‧卡萊爾 (作家)

  • as far as… 遠到…。例:I swam as far as I could. (我游到我能力所及最遠處。) 類似句型:She ran as fast as she could. (她跑到她能力所及最快的速度。) farther (adj.) 更遠;是 far 的比較級。例:How much farther do you plan to drive tonight? (你今晚打算還要開多遠?)
  • 湯瑪斯‧卡萊爾 (1795-1881) 出生蘇格蘭,是維多利亞時代的評論、諷刺作家、歷史學家。
  • 解讀:做你現在能做的事,完成後你將知道下一步為何,你不一定要有一個完美計劃,像最近郭台銘給馬英九的建議:Just Do It!


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