Paul J. Meyer (励志讲师)


“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.”

— Paul J. Meyer, Motivational Coach

「你生动的想像、热烈的渴望、由衷的相信、及热情的采取行动的事,必将无可避免的发生。」– 保罗‧美亚 (励志讲师)

  • vividly (adv.) 生动地,鲜明地;vivid (adj.)。ardently (adv.) 热烈地;ardent (adj.)。例:an ardent supporter of Barack Obama (欧巴马的热衷支持者)。act upon 依… 采取行动。例:I am acting upon her suggestions. (我依她的建议行事。) inevitably (adv.) 无可避免地,必然地。例:That decision will inevitably lead to failure. (那个决定必然将导致失败。) come to pass 发生。例:When do you think all these good things will come to pass? (你认为这所有的好事将何时发生?)
  • 保罗‧美亚 (1928-2009) 在 1960 年成立 Success Motivation Institute (成功励志机构),旨在激发人们发展最大潜能,他的教育体系已扩展至全世界 60 个国家,翻成 26 种语言



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