Charles Kingsley (神職人員)


“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”

— Charles Kingsley, Clergyman

「我們表現得好像舒適及奢華是人生的主要需求,但只要一個讓人感熱忱的東西,就能讓我們真正快樂。」– 查理斯‧金斯利 (神職人員)

  • as though (if) 好像。例:He acted as if he is the richest man in the room. (他表現得他好像是這房裡最有錢的人。) luxury (n.) 奢華,奢侈。例:He stayed in a five-star luxury hotel. (他住在五星級的高級旅館裡。) enthusiastic (adj.) 熱衷的,有熱忱的。例:She is enthusiastic about preserving the environment. (她對保護環境持有熱忱。)
  • 查理斯‧金斯利 (1819-1875) 為英國文學家、學者與神學家,曾在英國劍橋大學擔任歷史教授,之後常年擔任牧師、教授並開始發表作品,著有多本歷史小說,但擅常兒童文學創作。



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