Bobby Knight (籃球教練)


“The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win.”

— Bobby Knight, Basketball Head Coach

「想贏的意志一點也不如準備要贏的意志般重要。」– 鲍勃‧奈特 (籃球總教練)

  • will (n.) 意志。例:Although Sally was in great pain, she never lost the will to live. (莎莉即使非常疼痛,她從沒喪失生存的意志。) not nearly 一點也不。例:He is not nearly as good-looking as his son. (他一點也不如他兒子般好看。) “to prepare to win” 這裡指的是「為贏得比賽所做的準備」,因此這句話意指「練習、準備的意志」更重要。
  • 鲍勃‧奈特 (1940- ) 為美國印第安那大學男子籃球隊前明星教練,曾帶領球隊 3 度拿下全國冠軍盃,曾 4 度獲得年度最佳國家教練殊榮 (National Coach of the Year)。他在 1984 年擔任美國奧運男子籃球隊教練並贏得金牌。



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