Henri Poincare (數學家)


“To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity of reflection.”

— Henri Poincare, Mathematician

「懷疑一切及相信一切都是容易的解決方式,但兩者都撇除了必要的反思。」– 昂利‧龐加萊 (數學家)

  • dispense (v.) 免除; 省掉。例:They had to dispense with a lot of luxuries after Bill lost his job. (在比爾失工作後,他們得放棄許多奢侈品。) reflection (n.) 反思,思考。例:A moment’s reflection will show the stupidity of his argument. (反思一下就會發現他論點的愚昧。)
  • 昂利‧龐加萊 (1854-1912) 為法國著名數學家、理論物理學家、科學哲學家,因為對於數學擁有全面的知識,在當時被稱為「最後一位全能者」(The Last Universalist)。



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