Rosa Parks(民运人士)


“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.”

— Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Activist

「这些年来我学到,一个人下定决心后可以削弱恐惧;知道什么必须完成可以克服恐惧。」– 罗莎‧帕克斯(民运人士)

  • make up one’s mind 下定决定。例:I’ve made up my mind. (我已做好决定。) diminish (v.) 减少,缩减。例:The house diminished greatly in value over the past year. (房子的价格在过去一年大幅下跌。) do away with 摆脱,弄掉。例:These complicated rules and regulations should have been done away with many years ago. (这些复杂的繁文规则应该在很多年前就废止。)
  • 罗莎‧帕克斯(1913-2005)为美国黑人民运人士,被尊称为「民权运动第一夫人」及「自由民权运动之母」,她因拒绝听从公车司机命令让座给一名白人乘客而全国闻名,此抗拒行为在民权运动中具有重要的象征意义,之后还与民运人士马丁路德合作并获得「总统自由勋章」。



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