William Allen White (报纸编辑)


“We all have weaknesses. But I have figured that others have put up with mine so tolerantly that I would be less than fair not to make a reasonable discount for theirs.”

— William Allen White, Newspaper Editor

「我们都有弱点,但是我想别人都容忍我的弱点,我对他们的弱点若没有合理的打折就会不公平。」– 威廉‧怀特 (报纸编辑)

  • figure (v.) 想,认为。例:It was not worth the trouble, I figured. (它不值得这样的麻烦,我想。) put up with 忍受,容忍。例:I’m not going to put up with that behavior any longer. (我不会再忍受那样的行为。) tolerantly (adv.) 忍受地,接受地;tolerant (adj.)。例:tolerant of homosexuality (对同性恋的接受)。
  • 威廉‧怀特 (1868-1944) 为美国知名报纸编辑,政治人物、作家及「进步主义」运动领导者。



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