Tsutomu Shimomura (资安专家)

“We call things we don’t understand complex, but that means we haven’t found a good way of thinking about them.”

— Tsutomu Shimomura, Computer Security Expert

「我们将自己不懂的事称之为复杂,但那意谓我们还没找到一个思索它的好办法。」– 下村努 (资安专家)

  • complex (adj.) 复杂的,难懂的。例:Our company is able to solve the most complex problems. (我们的公司能够解决最复杂的问题。)
  • 下村努(1964-)是日裔美籍的电脑安全专家,他在 1995 年逮捕美国头号电脑通缉犯,有「世界头号骇客」之称的凯文‧米特尼克。他著有《小心骇客》,原名为「纪实:追捕美国头号电脑通缉犯 – 由追捕者自述」(Takedown: The Pursuit and Capture of America’s Most Wanted Computer Outlaw – By The Man Who Did It)。



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