Vince Lombardi (美式足球教練)


“I have never known a really successful man who deep in his heart did not understand the grind, the discipline it takes to win.”

— Vince Lombardi, American Football Coach

「我從沒遇過一個非常成功的人,在內心深處不知道為求勝利所需的苦力及紀律。」– 文斯‧隆巴迪 (美式足球教練)

  • grind (n.) 困難且使人身心疲累的事。例:Miners emerge from their daily grind in the mine. (礦工由每天工作的礦坑中出現)。
  • 文斯‧隆巴迪 (1913-1970) 為美式足球著名教練,共帶領球隊 5 次贏得全國冠軍,他教練職涯的平均勝率為 73.8%,季後賽平均勝率 90%。



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