William Feather (雜誌發行人)


“The prizes go to those who meet emergencies successfully. And the way to meet emergencies is to do each daily task the best we can; to act as though the eye of opportunity were always upon us. In the hundred-yard race the winner doesn’t cross the tape line a dozen strides ahead of the field. He wins by inches. So we find it in ordinary business life. The big things that come our way are seldom the result of long thought or careful planning, but rather they are the fruit of seed planted in the daily routine of our work.”

— William Feather, Publisher

「能成功解決突發狀況的人將可得到報酬,盡力做好每天的任務,是面對突發狀況的辦法;做事時想像機會之神隨時都在看我們。在 100 碼的賽跑裡,勝利的人在抵達終點時並沒有領先別人好幾步,而是以幾吋之差領先,這種現象也存在於一般商界。出現於我們面前的碩大成果,鮮少是長期思考或謹慎計劃的結果,而是平日工作時播下種子所產生的果實。」– 威廉‧斐勒 (雜誌發行人)

  • dozen 很多。例:We’ve heard this story a dozen times before. (這個故事我們聽了好幾次了。) stride (n.) 大步,闊步。例:I reached the door in only two strides. (我走兩大步就到了門口。) seldom (adv.) 極少,很少。例:We seldom saw her so angry. (我們很少看到她那麼生氣。) routine (n.) 例行公事,日常工作。
  • 威廉‧斐勒 (1889-1981) 為美國作家及記者,創立了William Feather Magazine 雜誌並擔任編輯,經常自己投書寫作而聞名。他也成立了一家非常成功的印刷公司 William Feather Corporation。



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