Charles M. Schwab (鋼鐵大亨)

“You know the old saying, that if you have a single enemy you will find him everywhere. It doesn’t pay to make enemies. Lead the life that will make you kindly and friendly to every one about you, and you will be surprised what a happy life you will live.”

— Charles M. Schwab, Steel Magnate

「你聽過一句老話,如果你有一個敵人,你將在每個地方遇見他,建立敵人並不划算。仁慈且友善的對待你週遭的人,你人生會變得多快樂將讓你感到震驚。」– 查爾斯‧施瓦布 (鋼鐵大亨)

  • pay (v.) 帶來好處。例:It pays to get advices from experts before making a decision. (做決定之前先詢問專家意見比較好。) lead the life 過… 的生活。例:lead a normal/quiet/busy life (過一個正常/安靜/忙碌的生活)。what a happy life 很快樂的人生。
  • 查爾斯‧施瓦布 (1862-1939) 是美國鋼鐵業大亨,在他的領導下,伯利恆鋼鐵公司 (Bethlehem Steel) 成為當時美國第二大鋼鐵業者及世界最重要的重型機器製造商之一。



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