James Fenimore Cooper (小說家)

“Friendship that flows from the heart cannot be frozen by adversity, as the water that flows from the spring cannot congeal in winter.”

— James Fenimore Cooper, Novelist

「出自真心的友誼不會因逆境而凍結,如同泉水不會在冬天裡結凍。」– 詹姆士‧菲尼莫爾‧庫柏 (小說家)

  • adversity (n.) 逆境,不幸的事。例:her courage in the face of adversity (她在逆境中展現的勇氣) spring (n.) 泉水。congeal (v.) 凍結,凝結。例:congealed fat (凝結的油)
  • 詹姆士‧菲尼莫爾‧庫柏 (1789-1851) 是最早贏得國際聲譽的美國作家之一,以美國早期印第安人為歷史背景的浪漫小說在美國文學獨樹一格,其中《最後的摩根戰士》(The Last of the Mohicans) 最為出名,後來改拍為電影《大地英豪》。



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