Marcus Aurelius (羅馬帝王)

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notion unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.”

— Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

「人生的快樂取決於你思維的品質。因此,依此看管你的想法,注意勿持有違背美德與常理的觀點。」– 馬爾庫斯‧奧列里烏斯 (羅馬帝王)

  • guard (v.) 看守。accordingly (adv.) 相應地。例:Anna still considers her son a child and treats him accordingly. (安娜仍視她兒子為小孩,因此以對小孩的方式對待他。) entertain (v.) 考慮一種想法。例:I could never entertain the idea of leaving my family. (我無法想像離開我的家人。) virtue (n.) 德、善。reasonable (adj.) 講道理的,合情理的。
  • 馬爾庫斯‧奧列里烏斯 (121-180) 為羅馬帝國「五賢帝」時期的最後一位君主,任內成功討伐日耳曼民族。他也是位哲學家,其著作 Meditations (沉思錄) 闡述他的哲學理念並表現出羅馬文明最優異之處。



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