Learned Hand (美国法官)

“As soon as we come to rely upon accredited bodies of authoritative dogma, not only are the days of our liberty over, but we have lost the password that has hitherto opened to us the gates of success as well.”

– Roger Ebert, Film Critic

「一旦我们开始依赖公证机构的权威教条,不但自由之日将因此结束,我们也会失去打开成功之门的密码。」– 勒恩德‧汉德 (美国法官)

  • come to do something 开始有某想法/感觉。例:I came to believe that Bill really cares about her. (我开始认为比尔真的很关心她。) accredited (adj.) 公认的,经鉴定合格的。例:an accredited business school (经鉴定的商学院) dogma (n.) (盲目相信的) 教条。例:religious dogma (宗教教条) hitherto (adv.) 到目前为止,迄今。例:a species hitherto unknown in the Eastern world (东方国家迄今没见过的物种)。
  • 勒恩德‧汉德 (1872-1961) 以优等毕业于美国哈佛大学法学院,是美国著名法官,他的文学造诣极佳,其著作被视为法学经典。人们视他为公民权力的守护者,所著《自由的精神》(The Spirit of Liberty) 得到极大的回响。



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