B.C. Forbes (雜誌創辦人)

“Madame Curie didn’t stumble upon radium by accident. She searched and experimented and sweated and suffered years before she found it. Success rarely is an accident.”

— B.C. Forbes, Founder of Forbes Magazine

「居禮夫人發現鐳不是意外,她搜索、實驗、努力並吃苦多年後才發現它。成功很少是偶然。」– 富比士 (雜誌創辦人)

  • sweat (v.) 努力工作。stumble upon/on/across 意外發現。例:Scientists stumbled upon a drug that may help cure Parkinson’s disease. (科學家意外發現一種可治療帕金森症的藥。)
  • 富比士 (1880-1954) 出生於蘇格蘭,移民美國擔任財經記者及編輯,後來創立了《富比士》雜誌。



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