Shailene Woodley (演員)

“Worry is the product of a future that we cannot guarantee and guilt is the product of a past we cannot change.”

— Shailene Woodley, Actress

「無法保證的未來帶來憂慮,無法改變的過去帶來罪惡感。」– 雪琳‧伍德莉 (演員)

  • product (n.) 產物,結果。例:The certificate was the product of years of hard work. (多年的努力才取得這個認證。)
  • 雪琳‧伍德莉 (1991- ) 是美國女演員,在《繼承人生》、《分歧者》及《生命中的美好缺憾》演出。她曾獲得獨立精神獎最佳女主角獎,也獲得金球獎最佳電影女配角提名。



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