Elizabeth Montagu (社會改革者)

“I endeavor to be wise when I cannot be merry, easy when I cannot be glad, content with what cannot be mended and patient when there be no redress.”

— Elizabeth Montagu, Social Reformer

「我努力在不愉悅時有智慧,不快樂時心情平靜,對不能修復的事感到滿足,對不能糾正的事持有耐心。」– 伊莉莎白‧蒙塔古 (社會改革者)

  • endeavor (v.) 努力,力圖。例:He endeavors to make his dream a reality. (他努力讓夢想成真。) easy (adj.) 不擔心的,放鬆的。mend (v.) 修補 (破洞)。例:Do you know how to mend your own clothes? (你知道怎麼修補衣服嗎?) redress (n.) 矯正,補償。例:The company filed a lawsuit to seek redress for copyright infringement. (那家公司以版權被侵犯提告要求賠償。)
  • 伊莉莎白‧蒙塔古 (1718-1800) 是英國社會改革者、作家及文學評論家,建立促進女性教育的「藍襪社會」。她與英國富賈愛德華‧蒙塔古結婚後,成為當時最富有的女性之一,且致力幫助窮人及文學的推廣。



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