Vince Lombardi (美式足球教练)


“Leaders aren’t born, they are made. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal which is worthwhile.”

— Vince Lombardi, American Football Coach

「领导者不是天生,是后天造成的。努力造就了他们,而为达成任何有意义的目标,努力也都是我们必须支付的代价。」– 文斯‧隆巴迪 (美式足球教练)

  • effort (n.) 力气,心力。例:He has invested much time and effort in the project. (他在这个案子花了许多的时间与心力。) worthwhile (adj.) 值得的,有意义的。例:It is not worthwhile to continue working at the firm. (继续在那间公司工作不值得。)
  • 文斯‧隆巴迪 (1913-1970) 为美式足球著名教练,共带领球队 5 次赢得全国冠军,他教练职涯的平均胜率为 73.8%,季后赛平均胜率 90%。



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