Hussein bin Talal (約旦國王)

“We should face reality and our past mistakes in an honest, adult way. Boasting of glory does not make glory, and singing in the dark does not dispel fear.”

— Hussein bin Talal, King of Jordan

「我們應以誠實、成熟的態度面對現實及過去的錯誤,吹噓榮耀不會造就榮耀,在黑暗中歌唱無法驅逐恐懼。」– 胡笙·賓·塔拉勒 (約旦國王)

  • boast (v.) 誇口,吹噓。例:She often boasts of her past success. (她常常誇口她過去的成功。) glory (n.) 光榮,榮耀。dispel (v.) 驅逐,消除。例:We want to dispel the myth that diseases are caused by witches. (我們想消除疾病是由女巫所引起的迷信。)
  • 胡笙·賓·塔拉勒 (1935-1999) 的政權歷經冷戰及 40 年的以巴衝突,在 1994 年成為第二個承認以色列的阿拉伯國家。



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