John Frederick Demartini (個人成長作家)

“Our health is what we make of it – give it attention and it improves, give it none and it subsides.”

– John Frederick Demartini, Personal Development Writer

「我們的健康取決於我們 – 花心思在上面它就增強,不理會它它就減弱。」– 約翰·弗雷德里克·迪馬丁尼 (個人成長作家)

  • subside (v.) 逐漸減弱。例:The pains in his head had subsided, but he still felt dizzy and sick. (它的頭痛已消緩,但他仍感到暈眩與不舒服。)
  • 約翰·弗雷德里克·迪馬丁尼 (1954- ) 美國暢銷書作家,著有多本個人成長書籍,並翻譯成多種語言,包括 The Breakthrough Experience (突破的經驗)、Riches Within (內在的富有)、Stress to Success (由壓力到成功) 等。


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