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Frank Woolworth (企業家)

“Dreams never hurt anybody if he keeps working right behind the dream to make as much of it become real as he can.”

— Frank Woolworth, Entrepreneur

「夢想不會傷害任何人,只要一個人持續的在夢想背後努力,盡他所能讓夢想實現。」– 法蘭克‧伍爾沃斯 (企業家)

  • “right behind” 是「正後面」,有強調的意味。”to make as much of it become real as he can” 用的是 “as… as… ” 句型,說明兩件事情的對等性。”make it become real” 在句中被分開來,是「使它 (夢想) 成為現實」的意思,”as much of it” 是「愈多部分夢想」,”as he can” 是「如同他所能夠」,所以 “to make as much of it become real as he can” 直翻是「盡他所能讓愈多部分夢想實現」。
  • 法蘭克‧伍爾沃斯 (1852-1919) 是美國企業家,創立了現今美國連鎖體育用品店 Foot Locker。

Stedman Graham (教育家)


“To know yourself is the first and most important step in pursuing your dreams and goals.”

— Stedman Graham, educator

「瞭解自己是追求夢想及目標的第一步也是最重要的一步。」– 史帝曼‧葛瑞漢 (教育家)

  • “to know yourself” 「瞭解自己」不定詞片語是這句話的主詞。”pursue”「追求」是動詞,也是個常用字。
  • 史帝曼‧葛瑞漢 (1951- ) 是美國的教育家及作家,著有 You Can Make It Happen: A Nine Step Plan for Success

Jackie Collins (小說家)


“If you want to achieve your dreams, you must follow them, and the best way to follow them is not to think about wanting to be very rich, but to think about doing something that you really want to do.”

— Jackie Collins, Novelist

「如果你想完成你的夢想,你必須去追求它們,而追求夢想最好的方式不是想變的非常有錢,而是想去做你真正想做的事。」– 傑克‧科林 (小說家)

  • “achieve” 是「達到」的意思,為動詞。”you must follow them” 句中的 “them” 是指前面提到的 “dreams”,而 “follow” 本意是「跟隨」,在這邊意指「追求」的意思。
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