John Milton (詩人)

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven.”

— John Milton, Poet

「心決定它自己的地方,而它本身可以把地獄看作天堂或天堂看作地獄。」– 約翰‧彌爾頓 (詩人)

  • “the mind is its own place” 的意思是:內心獨立且不受外界影響。”something is its own…” 有「某事(人)不為外在所左右」的意味,如:My son, although only 4 years old, is already his own person. He already makes decisions and can even be stubborn. (我的兒子,雖然只有 4 歲,已有他自己的想法,他已會做決定甚至還會固執。) “make A (out) of B” 是「把 B 當作/弄成 A」,如:Make a cherry orchard of this land. (把這塊地開闢為櫻桃園。)
  • 約翰‧彌爾頓 (1608-1674) 出生英國,為英文文學的重要作家,著有許多批判論文,以史詩 Paradise Lost (失樂園) 最為著名。


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