John Major (前英國首相)

“It is time to return to those core values, time to get back to basics: to self-discipline and respect for the law, to consideration for others, to accepting responsibility for yourself and your family, and not shuffling it off on other people and the state.”

— John Major, former British Prime Minister

「是時候返回核心價值,回到基本原則了:回到自律及對法律的尊重,回到為別人著想,回到對自己及家庭承擔責任,而不是把它丟給其它人及政府。」– 約翰‧梅傑 (前英國首相)

  • 這一整句話皆在延用 “It is time to return (get back) to…” 的句型,包括冒號後的 “to self-discipline…”、”to consideration…” 及 “to accepting responsibility…”。basics (n.) 是「基本面,基本原則」,如:It is very important that you learn the basics first. (你先學會基礎是很重要的。)  shuffle off (v.) 是「逃避,躲避」,如:They have been trying to shuffle off public inquiries about the safety of their factory. (他們一直試圖逃避大眾對他們工廠安全的質詢。)  state (n.) 是「國家、政府」。
  • 約翰‧梅傑 (1943- ) 在 1990-1997 年間擔任英國首相及保守黨黨魁,他也在柴契爾夫人的內閣出任過財政部秘書長、外交大臣及財政大臣。
  • 解讀:”Responsibility is the key to freedom” (負責是通往自由的關鍵。) 不要怪罪別人,當你把自己看作一個受害者時,你把力量交給了你的加害者 – 你對情況無法掌控且無能為力。但當你告訴自己你的人生、喜怒哀樂完全由你負責時,你把力量、命運的掌控權交還了給自己。


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