Anonymous (無名氏)

“If you’re not having problems, you are missing an opportunity for growth.”

— Anonymous

「如果你沒有問題,你正失去一個成長的機會。」– 無名氏

  • miss (v.) 是「失去,錯失」,如:You are missing an opportunity of a lifetime. (你在錯失一個一生難得的機會。)  growth (n.) 是「成長」,如:This site is dedicated to people who are serious about personal growth. (這網站是獻給重視個人成長的那些人。)


  1. Hi, John,

    It’s good to see your prompt response to the message I left. Now I know how the singer got his special scary name.

    You must be a person craving for self-development because you try to find out food for thought for yourself and share it with us so generously. To share something good with others is indeed a delight. Reading your English quotes is a great daily joy to me because it always adds some strength to me to think positively when things come up. I believe, besides me, many others must have benefited greatly by your quotes. So, let each of us keep growing and becoming a better person with your daily quotes together. Your site is exactly for “the people who are serious about personal growth”–just as you said. Thanks for what you have done for us. If this world can ever become so lovely, it is because of such good people like you!

    Best regards,


    • Baobao: Thank you very much for your kind words… I really appreciate it. 🙂 I’m glad to know that I’m making a difference in people’s lives!

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