Vince Gill (音樂家)


“Success is always temporary. When all is said and done, the only thing you’ll have left is your character.”

— Vince Gill, Musician

「成功總是暫時的,一切塵埃落定後,你僅存的將會是你的品格。」– 文斯‧吉爾 (音樂家)

  • when all is said and done 字面意思為「說完及做完一切後」,代表意思是「一切都安頓好後,考量所有因素後」。例:When all is said and done, I think home is still the best place in the world. (考量所有因素後,我覺得家仍是全世界最好的地方。) character (n.) 性格,品格。
  • 文斯‧吉爾 (1957- ) 為美國知名鄉村歌手及作曲家,已榮獲 18 個鄉村音樂協會獎 (Country Music Association Award) 及 27 個葛萊美獎 (Grammy Award)。


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