Lee J. Colan (商業顧問)


“Without a compelling cause, our employees are just putting in time. Their minds might be engaged, but their hearts are not. Meaning precedes motivation.”

— Lee J. Colan, Business Consultant

「沒有強烈的動機,我們的員工只是投入時間。他們的大腦可能全然投入,但他們的心沒有,先有工作意義才有動機。」– 李‧克蘭 (商業顧問)

  • compelling (adj.) 令人強烈信服的。例:The court was presented with compelling evidence that he had murdered his wife. (法院收到他謀殺妻子的有力證據。) engage (v.) 從事,投入。例:Bill is fully engaged in the activity. (比爾正全心投入在這個活動上。)。precede (v.) 在…之前。例:cloud formations that precede tornadoes (龍捲風來前雲的形狀)。
  • 李‧克蘭為美國商業顧問公司 The L Group 總裁,主要在幫助企業訓練經理及領導人,曾經任教於多家《財星》500 大企業。


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