Alan Kay (軟體工程師)


“By the time I got to school, I had already read a couple hundred books. I knew in the first grade that they were lying to me because I had already been exposed to other points of view. School is basically about one point of view – the one the teacher has or the textbooks have.”

— Alan Kay, Computer Scientist

「到我上學的時候,我已經讀了幾百本書。我在一年級時就知道他們在騙我,因為我之前就已經接觸到別的觀點。學校基本上只有一種觀點 – 老師的觀點或是課本的觀點。」– 艾倫‧凱 (軟體工程師)

  • expose (v.) 暴露,接觸。例:Some children are exposed to domestic violence. (一些小孩接觸到家暴。) point of view 觀點。例:From my point of view, there is no way he will make it. (以我的觀點來看,他不可能會成功。)
  • 艾倫‧凱 (1940- ) 為美國軟體工程師,電腦物件導向程式 (object-oriented programming) 及圖形使用介面 (graphical user interface) 的研發先驅,曾任職於蘋果公司、迪士尼、麻省理工學院、史丹佛大學、日本京都大學等。


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