Josh Hinds (勵志講師)


“When we set out to do the best we can do, it is inevitable that great opportunity finds us because we are doing what truly makes us happy. We’re in alignment and ready for the opportunities that life puts in our path.”

— Josh Hinds, Motivational Speaker

「當我們打算盡全力,好機會找上我們是無可避免的,因為我們正在做真正讓我們快樂的事。我們表裡一致,並已準備好面對人生道路上的機會。」– 喬許‧海因茲 (勵志講師)

  • set out 為達某結果而開始做某事。例:salesman who set out to defraud investors (一開始就準備要詐欺投資人的銷售員)。inevitable (adj.) 無可避免的。例:It’s inevitable that physicians sometimes make mistakes. (醫生有時候犯錯是無可避免的。) alignment (n.) 一致,對齊;align (v.)。例:Your values, beliefs and mission should align perfectly. (你的價值觀、信念與使命感必須完全一致。)
  • 喬許‧海因茲是美國勵志作者、講師及企業家,他成立了一系列的成功勵志網站。


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