Napoleon Hill (勵志作家)


“Trying to get without first giving is as fruitless as trying to reap without having sown.”

— Napoleon Hill, Motivational Writer

「沒有先付出就想要得到,猶如沒有播種就想要收割般徒勞。」– 拿破崙‧希爾 (勵志作家)

  • fruitless (adj.) 無效果,徒勞。例:The search has been fruitless so far. (搜尋到目前為只還是一無所獲。) reap (v.) 收割。sow (v.) 播種,sown 為過去分詞。例:You reap what you sow. (種什麼因,得什麼果。)
  • 拿破崙‧希爾 (1883-1970) 曾擔任過美國小羅斯福總統的顧問,他的著名代表作 Think and Grow Rich (思考致富) 為史上最暢銷的書籍之一。”What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” (人內心所能構思及相信的,它就能達成。) 為他的代表名言。


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