Norman Schwarzkopf (陸軍將領)


“Courage brother, do not stumble, though thy path be dark as night: There is a star to guide the humble, trust in God, and do the right. Let the road be dark and dreary and its end far out of sight. Face it bravely, strong or weary. Trust God, and do.”

— Norman Schwarzkopf, Army General

「拿出勇氣來兄弟,不要跌倒,雖然道路如同夜晚般漆黑:星星會為卑恭的人領路,信任上帝,做對的事。讓路程漆黑、乏味、看不到終點。勇敢面對它,無論堅強或疲倦。相信上帝,且行動。」– 諾曼‧施華蔻 (陸軍將領)

  • stumble (v.) 跌倒,絆倒。例:In his hurry the waiter stumbled and spilled the coffee all over the floor. (在匆忙之中服務生絆倒並將咖啡灑落一地。) humble (adj.) 謙遜的,謙恭的。例:In my humble opinion, we should mind our own business. (依我的淺見,我們應該管好自己的事。) dreary (adj.) 呆板的,枯燥的。例:We are tired of this same dreary routine every day. (每天相同枯燥的例行程序讓我們生厭。) weary (adj.) 厭倦的,冗長的。例:a long and weary march (冗長遙遠的行軍)。
  • 諾曼‧施華蔻 (1934-2012) 為美國退休陸軍將領,在波灣戰爭期間擔任聯軍的總指揮官。


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