Wallace Stevens (詩人)


“Death is the mother of beauty. Only the perishable can be beautiful, which is why we are unmoved by artificial flowers.”

— Wallace Stevens, Poet

「死亡是美麗之母,會凋零的事物才可能會美麗,這就是為何我們不被人造花感動。」– 華勒斯‧史蒂文斯 (詩人)

  • perishable (adj.) 易腐壞的。例:It’s important to store perishable food such as milk, fruit and fish in the fridge. (把易腐敗的食品如牛奶、水果及魚放在冰箱裡是很重要的。) unmoved (adj.) 不會所動;move (v.) 感動。例:She was deeply moved by Reagan’s speech. (雷根的演說讓她深受感動。)
  • 華勒斯‧史蒂文斯 (1879-1955) 為美國現代派詩人,曾獲得「普利茲詩作獎」,除了身為詩人,史蒂文斯也投身於保險業擔任索賠律師,後來在哈特福意外與保險公司擔任副董事長一職。


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