Mark Twain (作家)


“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.”

— Mark Twain, Writer

「勇气是抗拒恐惧,征服恐惧 – 不是没有恐惧。」– 马克‧吐温 (作家)

  • resistance (n.) 抗拒,抵抗。例:People’s resistance to change. (人们对改变的抗拒。) mastery (n.) 征服,掌握。例:her mastery of English (她对对英文的精通)。absence (n.) 缺少,缺乏。例:In the absence of evidence, the police had to let the suspect go. (在缺乏证据的情况下,警方得让嫌疑犯离去。)
  • 马克‧吐温 (1835-1910) 为美国作家及幽默家,《汤姆历险记》及它的续集《顽童历险记》为其代表作,后者因完美述叙美国文化而被誉为「伟大的美国小说」(the Great American Novel)。


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