Washington Irving (作家)


“Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above them.”

— Washington Irving, Author

「微小的人被惡運所馴服並壓制,但偉大的人克服惡運。」– 華盛頓‧歐文 (作家)

  • tame (v.) 馴服,使順從。例:The Prime Minister managed to tame the labor unions.。(總理成功的順服了工會。) misfortune (n.) 不幸,惡運。例:The soldiers had the misfortune to be caught in the crossfire. (那些軍人不幸身陷戰火之中。) subdue (v.) 鎮壓,抑制。例:The school was criticized for trying to subdue individual expression. (該校被批評抑制個人意見的表達。) rise above 克服,不受影響。例:You have to rise above criticism. (你必須不受外界的批評所影響。)
  • 華盛頓‧歐文 (1783-1859) 是美國著名作家,作品有短篇故事、人物傳記、歷史紀錄,他的書在全球熱賣暢銷。此外,他也擔任過美國駐西班牙大使。


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