Ann Dunwoody (四星上將)


“You could always be anything you wanted to be if you worked hard. And so I never felt constrained. I never felt that there were limitations on what I could do.”

— Ann Dunwoody, Four-Star General

「只要努力,你可以成為任何你想要成為的人,我從不覺得自己受限,我從不覺得我能做的事受到限制。」– 安‧鄧伍迪 (四星上將)

  • constrain (v.) 限制,束縛。例:Poor soil constrained the level of crop production. (貧脊的土壤限制農作物的產量。)
  • 安‧鄧伍迪 (1953- ) 為美國已退休四星上將,她是第一位達到此位階的女性軍官,官至美國陸軍裝備司令部司令。


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