Arnold Schwarzenegger (演員)


“My hair was pulled. I was hit with belts. So was the kid next door. It was just the way it was. Many of the children I’ve seen were broken by their parents, which was the German-Austrian mentality. They didn’t want to create an individual. It was all about conforming. I was one who did not conform, and whose will could not be broken. Therefore, I became a rebel. Every time I got hit, and every time someone said, ‘you can’t do this,’ I said, ‘this is not going to be for much longer, because I’m going to move out of here. I want to be rich. I want to be somebody.'”

— Arnold Schwarzenegger, Actor

「我的頭髮被拉扯,我被皮帶抽打,隔壁家的孩子也是這樣,當時就是這種樣子,我見到許多孩子都被他們的父母摧毀,那是當時德國及奧國人的心態,他們不想創造獨特的個人,而是都要求順從,我是那個不順從的人,且意志不會被摧毀。因此,我成為一個叛逆者,每次我被打時,每次有人說,『你不能這麼做』,我會說,『這種情形不會持續太久,因為我將搬離這裡,我想變得富有,我想成為一個重要的人。』」– 阿諾‧史瓦辛格 (演員)

  • mentality (n.) (錯誤的) 心態,心理。例:I don’t understand the mentality of the people who carried out this kind of violence. (我不能了解執行此暴力行為的人的心理。) conform (v.) 順從,遵照。例:All new buildings must conform with the city development plan. (所有的新建築都必須遵照都市發展計畫。) rebel (n.) 反抗者。叛逆者。例:Katherine was a bit of a rebel when she was a teenager. (凱瑟琳在青少年時有一點叛逆。)
  • 阿諾‧史瓦辛格 (1947- ) 為出生奧地利的健美先生、演員,並在 2003-2011 年間兩度選上美國加州州長。他曾 7 次贏得健美比賽的奧林匹亞先生 (Mr.Olympia),電影《魔鬼終結者》(Terminator) 是他所主演最知名的電影之一。


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