Andrew Carnegie (工業家)

“The thorough man of business knows that only by years of patient, unremitting attention to affairs can he earn his reward, which is the result, not of chance, but of well-devised means for the attainment to ends.”

— Andrew Carnegie, Industrialist

「周密的商人知道,只有對事務持久及不間斷的關注,他才能獲得回饋。這不是運氣,而是為達目的使用精心設計方法的結果。」– 安德魯‧卡內基 (工業家)

  • thorough (adj.) 周密的; 仔細的。例:The doctor was very thorough in his examination of his patients. (這位醫生對病患的檢查很仔細。) unremitting (adj.) 不間斷的,不懈的。例:unremitting effort (不間斷的努力)。devise (v.) 設計,想出。例:He devised a new method for faster communication. (他設計出一個更快速溝通的方法。) attainment (n.) 到達,獲得。end (n.) 目標,結果。例:She wants to cut costs, and to that end is laying off people. (她想減低成本,而她為此目的而裁員。)
  • 安德魯‧卡內基 (1835-1919) 出生蘇格蘭,幼年移民美國,創立當時世界最大的卡內基鋼鐵公司。他是史上僅次約翰‧洛克菲勒第 2 富有的人,晚年投身大量公益活動,成立學校、圖書館,博物館、國際和平基金會、科學研究機構等。


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