Jonathan Ive (設計師)

“Being superficially different is the goal of so many of the products we see . . . rather than trying to innovate and genuinely taking the time, investing the resources and caring enough to try and make something better.”

— Jonathan Ive, Product Designer

「許多產品的目標只是在外表上形成差異… 而不是真正花時間去努力創新、投入資源,並用心創造更好的東西。」– 強納生‧伊夫 (設計師)

  • superficially (adv.) 外表地,膚淺地。例:He was superficially interested. (他表面上看來有興趣。) genuinely (adv.) 真正地,由衷地。例:She seemed genuinely interested. (她看來真的很有興趣。)
  • 強納生‧伊夫 (1967- ) 是英國籍的設計師、蘋果公司的設計部門資深副總裁,主管產品設計和人機界面設計。他是蘋果許多產品的主要設計者與概念發想者,包括 MacBook Pro、iMac、MacBook Air、iPod、iPhone 和 iPad。


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