Seneca (哲學家)

“A man’s ability cannot possibly be of one sort and his soul of another. If his soul be well-ordered, serious and restrained, his ability also is sound and sober. Conversely, when the one degenerates, the other is contaminated.”

— Seneca, Philosopher

「一個人的能力與心靈不可能不同調,如果他的心靈有條理、認真且嚴謹,他的能力也一定不錯且明智。相反的,當其中一方沉倫,另一方也會被玷污。」– 塞內卡 (哲學家)

  • sort (n.) 種類。well-ordered (adj.) 井然有序,有條理的。restrained (adj.) 嚴謹的; 克制的。sound (adj.) 健康的; 健全的。sober (adj.) 清醒的,冷靜的。例:a sober, hard-working young woman (一個冷靜、努力的年輕女孩)。degenerate (v.) 品質變壞。例:Due to lack of funds, school education is degenerating year by year. (由於資金不足,學校教育水準正每年下滑。) contaminate (v.) 弄髒,污染。例:Water used for drinking has been contaminated. (飲水已經被污染。)
  • 塞內卡 (4 B.C. – 65) 是古羅馬時代著名斯多亞學派哲學家、政治家及劇作家,曾任尼祿皇帝的導師及顧問。


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