Eric Allenbaugh (成功教練)

“If you don’t take charge of shaping your own destiny, others will apply their agenda to you.”

— Dr. Eric Allenbaugh, Success Coach

「你若不主動建構自己的命運,別人將會把他們的計畫加諸在你身上。」– 埃里克‧愛倫包夫博士 (成功教練)

  • take charge 主導,負責。shape (v.) 塑造,形成。apply (v.) 套用,適用。例:Information technology is applied to almost every industrial process. (資訊科技幾乎應用在每個工業程序。) agenda (n.) 準備做的事項。例:The institution has limited its research agenda to three areas. (該機構將其研究項目限制在三個領域。)
  • 埃里克‧愛倫包夫博士是美國的成功教練,他幫助個人及企業達成目標,除了提供諮詢服務,也透過出書及演講傳授成功方法。


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