William Faulkner (小說家)

“I have found that the greatest help in meeting any problem with decency and self-respect and whatever courage is demanded, is to know where you yourself stand. That is, to have in words what you believe and are acting from.”

— William Faulkner, Novelist

「我發現讓人有風度、有尊嚴及有勇氣面對任何問題,最大的助力來自於知道自己的立足點為何;也就是說,寫下你相信的事及你行為的出發點。」– 威廉‧福克納 (小說家)

  • decency (n.) 合宜得體,展現對他人的尊重。例:If they’re going to charge a fee, they should at least have the decency to notify us in advance. (如果他們要收費,他們至少應要能事先通知我們。) “what ever courage is demanded” 是「任何所需具備的勇氣」。in words 是「寫下來」。
  • 威廉‧福克納 (1897-1962) 是美國小說家及短篇故事作家,在 1949 年獲得諾貝爾文學獎,被認做是 20 世紀最具有影響力的作家之一。


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