B.C. Forbes (雜誌創辦人)

“The way to make a true friend is to be one. Friendship implies loyalty, esteem, cordiality, sympathy, affection, readiness to aid, to help, to stick, to fight for, if need be. The real friend is he or she who can share all our sorrows and double our joys. Radiate friendship and it will return sevenfold.”

— B.C. Forbes, Founder of Forbes Magazine

「交到真正朋友的方法是自己先成為真正的朋友。友誼意謂忠誠、尊重、禮貌、同情、關愛;準備好協助、幫忙、支持、在有必要時為其奮鬥。真正的朋友可以分擔我們難過,並加倍我們喜樂。表現你的友誼,你將得到七倍友誼的回饋。」– 富比士 (雜誌創辦人)

  • imply (v.) 暗指。stick (v.) 堅持,固守。例:I love this organization and whatever happens I’ll stick by it. (我很喜愛這個組織,不管發生什麼事,我都將堅守在這裡。) sorrow (n.) 難過,痛苦。radiate (v.) 散發。例:She radiates great confidence. (她散發出極強的自信心。)
  • 富比士 (1880-1954) 出生於蘇格蘭,移民美國擔任財經記者及編輯,後來創立了《富比士》雜誌。


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