Ann Landers (專欄作家)

“If I were asked to give what I consider the single most useful bit of advice for all humanity, it would be this: Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and when it comes, hold your head high, look it squarely in the eye, and say, ‘I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me.'”

— Ann Landers, Advice Columnist

「如果有人問我哪一個建議對人們最有用,那就是:當麻煩出現時,視它為人生不可避免的一部分,把頭高高抬起,直視麻煩然後說:『我比你巨大,你無法擊倒我。』」– 安‧蘭德斯 (專欄作家)

  • consider (v.) 視…;認為。例:I consider you to be my best friend. (我視你為我最好的朋友。) inevitable (adj.) 不可避免的。例:A conflict down the road seems inevitable. (未來衝突的發生似乎無可避免。) squarely (adv.) 直接地,端端正正地。例:She hit him squarely on the nose. (她不偏不倚地打中他的鼻子。)
  • 安‧蘭德斯 (1918-2002) 是美國家喻戶曉的筆名,其真名為 Eppie Lederer,她的 “Ask Ann Landers” 專欄接受讀者來信提問生活問題,曾在北美各報紙同時刊登長達 47 年之久。


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