Robert Louis Stevenson (小說家)

“Our affections and beliefs are wiser than we; the best that is in us is better than we can understand; for it is grounded beyond experience, and guides us, blindfold but safe, from one age on to another.”

— Robert Louis Stevenson, Novelist

「摯愛及信念比我們更有智慧;我們最突出的地方,超出我們所能理解的範圍;它的立基是在經驗以外,引領著我們,雖然看不見但很安全,由一個年齡到下一個年齡。」– 羅伯特‧路易斯‧史蒂文森 (小說家)

  • affection (n.) 喜愛,鍾愛。例:The father showed his children little affection. (那父親對他孩子展現很少的愛。)  grounded in/on 以某事為根基。例:Lisa’s ideas were grounded in her Christian faith. (麗莎的想法出自她的基督信仰。)
  • 羅伯特‧路易斯‧史蒂文森 (1850-1894) 為蘇格蘭小說家、詩人及旅遊作家,是全球知名小說《金銀島》(Treasure Island) 的作者,他的作品受到許多知名作家包括海明威的讚揚。


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