Learned Hand (美國法官)


“As soon as we come to rely upon accredited bodies of authoritative dogma, not only are the days of our liberty over, but we have lost the password that has hitherto opened to us the gates of success as well.”

— Learned Hand, U.S. Judge

「一旦我們開始依賴公證機構的權威教條,不但自由之日將因此結束,我們也會失去打開成功之門的密碼。」– 勒恩德‧漢德 (美國法官)

  • come to do something 開始有某想法/感覺。例:I came to believe that Bill really cares about her. (我開始認為比爾真的很關心她。) accredited (adj.) 公認的,經鑑定合格的。例:an accredited business school  (經鑑定的商學院) dogma (n.) (盲目相信的) 教條。例:religious dogma (宗教教條) hitherto (adv.) 到目前為止,迄今。例:a species hitherto unknown in the Eastern world (東方國家迄今沒見過的物種)。
  • 勒恩德‧漢德 (1872-1961) 以優等畢業於美國哈佛大學法學院,是美國著名法官,他的文學造詣極佳,其著作被視為法學經典。人們視他為公民權力的守護者,所著《自由的精神》(The Spirit of Liberty) 得到極大的迴響。


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