Les Brown (勵志演說家)


“Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.”

— Les Brown, Motivational speaker

「想要一件事還不夠,你必須對它感到飢渴,你的動機必須夠強烈,才能克服勢必出現在你面前的難題。」– 萊斯‧布朗 (勵志演說家)

  • compelling (adj.) 令人激動的,使人信服的。例:a compelling reason to win the game. (一個必須贏得比賽的強烈理由);compel (v.) 迫使,逼迫。例:The general manager felt compelled to resign because of the loss suffered by the company. (總經理覺得他必須為公司的虧損辭職。) invariably (adv.) 始終不變地,永遠如此地。例:Bill is invariably late. (比爾總是遲到。) variable (adj.) 會改變的。obstacle (n.) 障礙,困難。
  • 萊斯‧布朗 (1945- ) 出身貧寒,但他追求成功的意志,使他成為美國現今著名的勵志演說家之一,並獲得多項演說獎項。促使人們超越平庸是他演講的主軸。


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