Norman Vincent Peale (牧師)

“Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.”

— Norman Vincent Peale, Minister

「我們所面對的現狀,不如我們面對它的態度重要,因為這將決定我們的成功與失敗。」– 諾曼‧文森特‧皮爾 (牧師)

  • face (v.) 面對,面臨。例:He is facing the biggest challenge of his career. (他正面臨職涯中最大的挑戰。) as… as… 如…般的。例:He is not as smart as you think. (他沒有你想的那麼聰明。)
  • 諾曼‧文森特‧皮爾 (1898-1993) 為牧師及作家,其最有名的著作為 The Power of Positive Thinking (正面思考的力量),他是「正面思考」理論的先驅之一。


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