Tryon Edwards (神學家)

“There is nothing so elastic as the human mind. The more we are obliged to do, the more we are able to accomplish.”

— Tryon Edwards, Theologian

「人的心智比什麼都有彈性,我們被要求的愈多,可以完成的就愈多。」– 泰倫.愛德華茲 (神學家)

  • elastic (adj.) 彈性的,有伸縮性的。oblige (v.) 迫使,使 (某人) 非做不可。例:Many parents feel obliged to pay for part of the wedding. (許多家長認為他們必須支付孩子部份的婚禮費用。)
  • 泰倫.愛德華茲 (1809-1894) 是美國神學家,以出版「思想字典」(A Dictionary of Thoughts) 一書聞名。他是著名神學家喬納森.愛德華茲的曾孫,出版其佈道書籍。


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