William Arthur Ward (學者)

“Happiness has a habit of pursuing the person who feels grateful to his God, comfortable with his conscience, in favor with his friend, in love with his labors and in balance with his bank.”

— William Arthur Ward, Scholar

「習慣心感上蒼、不違良知、交友相得、喜愛工作、收支平衡,則快樂自來。」– 威廉‧亞瑟‧沃德 (學者)

  • conscience (n.) 良知﹐良心。Be guided by your conscience. (讓良心來指引你。) be in favor (with somebody) 受歡迎的。例:Hawaii is very much in favor as a holiday destination. (夏威夷是一個受歡迎的渡假勝地。)
  • 威廉‧亞瑟‧沃德 (1921-1994) 為美國著名作家,著有「信念的泉源」 (Fountains of Faith),他的名言經常被引用,且文章經常被刊登在各大雜誌裡。


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