Mahatma Gandhi (政治家)

“A No uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a Yes merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.”

— Mahatma Gandhi, Statesman

「為了最深的信念而說出的,比為了討好別人甚至躲避麻煩,而說出的更好更佳。」– 甘地 (政治家)

  • utter (v.) 說出,發聲。例:He did not utter a word in the meeting. (他在會議過程中不發一語。)。conviction (n.) 很強的信念或想法。例:She has a strong conviction that education is the way out of poor. (她深信教育能讓人脫離貧窮。)。what is worse 是「更差的情況」。
  • 甘地 (1869-1948) 畢業於英國倫敦大學,回國後帶領印度人民以非暴力、不合作的抗議方式,脫離英國的殖民統治並贏得獨立,他的行為鼓舞了世界各地的人權及自由運動。


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