Charles Faulkner (NLP 講師)

“The people who excel in any field are people who realize that the moment is there to be seized – that there are opportunities at every turn. They are more alive to the moment.”

— Charles Faulkner, NLP Practitioner

「在任何領域表現突出的人了解把握當下的重要,了解機會存在於每一個轉角,他們在每個當下更有生氣。」– 查理斯·福克納 (NLP 講師)

  • 查理斯·福克納 (1952- ) 是出生美國的「神經語言規劃」(NLP) 講師及作者,猶以將 NLP 應用於金融商品操作而聞名。他著有一系列書籍,其中以 NLP: The New Technology of Achievement 最為知名。


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